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Heck Food Birmingham Food Exchange by Enterprise Nation

In October 2014 Heck Sausages had 9% of the premium sausage market. Within 2 years this would be up to 42%. With a no-nonsense approach to business, incredible experience and a determination to make up for a previous mistake of selling a precious family business that ended up being controlled by a large corporation low on morals and values, Andrew Keeble gave a turbo-charged performance at Enterprise Nation's Food Exchange last summer hosted by Debbie Assinder.
Now as Heck Food prepare to join Enterprise Nations Go Global Mission to Paris Andrew Keeble is a business man who mean’s business!
Full coverage of other brands at the Food Exchange here Food Exchange Summary

Below is Andrew’s Amazing Secrets to Success

1) Brand Development
“A brand has to have attitude and a voice.”
Image result for heck food

“Develop a brand with a clear goal in mind”.
“Who do you want to appeal to? You cannot be all things to all men”.
“Saying you are ‘niche’ doesn’t cut the mustard anymore and don’t be too niche as that’s a small market.”
"Decide if your brand is a lifestyle brand, regional, national, deli or food show specialist".

Heck’s market research showed that most sausage buyers were in the 45-70 years’ age group. The 18 to 45 age range was not engaged so they would need a new specific marketing campaign to target them. So, the brand was developed with this clear goal in mind. The Elmwood agency subsequently used consumer insights to design a campaign. They did not use focus groups as Andrew said “groups can be easily led by someone with a strong opinion”.
AIM: “To be mainstream enough and premium enough.”
Heck have a no compromise approach to quality. They don't cut corners and use fresh ingredients and do small-batch production to keep flavour quality high.
“We are a fun brand, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Our attitude is ‘Be humble, we’re not worthy’ ”.
The youthful vibe of the brand is reflected in a workforce with 40% of employees under 26 and a fun, energetic working environment. To promote the brand, they go all over the country attending more than 500 events.

For example, to crack the Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland markets they sent two teams on a road trip around the counties giving out freebies, chatting and engaging with people. They got a proof of demand for the product in that area that they could then go into meetings with buyers to demonstrate Heck’s potential to make money.
“We don’t do a discount brand as dual-branding is very expensive.”
“The consumer is king and they want everything now.”
Andrew advised doing extensive market research using consumer insights and buying lots of data on customer trends such as Kantar Insights and Tesco Clubcard data from Dunnhumby. Tesco has around 13% of the market so the data is extremely useful and relevant. Andrew also recommended using Mintel reports.

2) Marketing
To drive the business forward Andrew spends 10% of Heck’s turnover on marketing both above and below the line. They do lots of PR and social media advertising. He warned that “price promotion will get you volume of sales but not loyalty. Customers will just switch brands depending on what’s on special offer that week i.e. Tropicana juice one week, Innocent the next”.
Of Heck’s 70 employees, 4 work full-time on social media. They prefer to post mostly on Facebook and Instagram as ‘Twitter is boring!”. The tone is not sales dominated “we are only £2:50 in Tesco this week!!”. They don’t talk too directly about the product or scream “look at me, look what I’m doing”.

“A complaining customer is your best friend.”
Why are they unhappy? Turn them into a brand advocate and give them their money back plus more.
"The best brands do evolve and change, unlike Kodak”.
Keep current, Andrew pointed out that the Amazon logo has changed 28 times since inception. Heck launched in 2013 and only 3 years later decided to do a brand refresh. People asked him why update when you’re doing well? Andrew’s answer was that the pace of change and future trends are so rapid that it’s worth spending £25k on a few tweaks.

3) Impressing Buyers

The sausage market in the UK is worth £840m which dwarves even the baked bean market at £600m. “We are swimming against the tide by growing sales in the premium category in a declining overall market”.
“Food is too cheap, so premiumising is a good thing.” Andrew did contrarily mention that shoppers can be promiscuous and that discount supermarkets had grown market share from 3% of the market to 11% in just three years. He wondered whether shoppers will get fed up of going from shop to shop just to save a few pennies.
With Richmond having a commanding 65% of the market he asked a key marketing question: “can we get their customers to spend just a few pennies more to trade up to us?”
You need to approach buyers ideally early in the year as after April you will struggle to get listed and you will have no chance at all after September as they will already be planning the next year.
Andrew advised that it’s important to understand that all buyers are under immense pressure from their bosses. They focus on sales; waste reduction and profit margin is key. They are super busy so aim to keep meetings to a brisk 20 minutes and make sure you know how the category is performing and how you can grow sales. Be chatty and remember personal details about them. Heck uses a small paper flip chart rather than PowerPoint for presentations. “Take notes on what they want the focus over the next year to be e.g. price. Confirm later that your understanding is correct”.
Download sales figures daily and provide retailers with suggestions weekly to improve selling.
“Always deliver your sales targets: hit your targets every quarter or you will your future meetings difficult. The better you perform, the more shelf space you will be given”.
“Retail changes so quickly, if you take a year out you can lose contacts quickly”.
To deliver the kind of profit margin buyers need, Heck works on a lean production model and make everything themselves including labels with direct labour accounting for less than 5% of costs.
Northern Echo

Andrew encouraged everyone to grow their list of suppliers and not be too dependent on one company. Tesco used to account for 80% of Heck’s business but now is down to 40%. Having said that you also don’t want to take on all of the big suppliers at once and they even turned down a huge order as they knew that they could not fulfil it.

4) Shelving: The Last 5 Yards
Getting listed is easy but standing out on the shelf is difficult. Sausages used to have ‘bodybag’ packaging so Heck went for an innovative and colourful cardboard packaging.
So although you’ve done all the hard work to get listed and stocked you must double check that your product made it on to the shelf and was displayed correctly. Use supermarket data to track stock replenishment and follow up in-store to check display values and correct price labelling etc.

5) Diversifying/Scaling Up
“Do you have a 2,3,4-year business plan? Set goals and work back from there.”

Heck’s marketing challenge is to move from being famous for sausage products and gaining a reputation for variety and vegetarian products. They began this by moving into chicken and healthy burger markets as Andrew bluntly put it “Quorn and Calder don’t deliver on taste or quality.”
Heck are opening a Heck World customer experience building in 2017 covering over 25,000 square feet housing a factory, picnic facilities and cookery school. They are also going to target the slimming community and health community as they are very vocal and their support can be a major boost.
In an interesting aside comment Andrew confidently predicted a £10 minimum wage in the UK by 2021.

Finally Naked Ambition
“Our turnover was £1m in the first year. Can we reach £80m by 2020?”

Words by Paul Clarke
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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

This Mum Runs At Start Up 2017 Birmingham

Mel Bound's fab keynote speech at the end of Enterprise Nation's Start Up 2017 event in Birmingham was for many the highlight of a very exciting day.

Here's what you missed (you missed a lot!!)

The First Step
 A need!

A desire for some much needed headspace, exercise and me time led Mel to post on Facebook asking if any other busy mums felt the same and would anyone like to go for a run next Wednesday? 75 people showed up! Talk about discovering a need and a demand for something missing in these enthusiastic ladies lives.

Developing The Idea
  Mel quickly set up a This Mum Runs Facebook page and within days had hundreds of members. Most businesses can only dream of such momentum. Using an online coaching template for an 8 week beginners guide to running she quickly set up some structure and trained up additional TMR (This Mum Runs) running coaches.

Community Marketing
Important: Mel has done nearly all her marketing through Facebook and spent less than £2k on advertising. The caring and supportive attitudes of the TMR community are a big attraction and it is this inclusive attitude to welcome everyone that gives the concept mass appeal. There is no confidence-bashing focus on weight or competitiveness and a goal "to empower more mums around the world to be happier and healthier". 

Build a tribe as they say.

Checkout the inspiration category on TMR's website: Inspiration

Funding Your Business
Mel stated that she needed money to scale the business up from its current locations in Bristol and Bath. She turned to Crowdcube who have raised over £200m for over 400 businesses.

Before the campaign went live Mel and her team spent 3 months promoting the forthcoming fundraising round. This preparation was vital to gaining attention on launch and a prominent position on the homepage. Mel raised 50% of her target in 20 minutes and 100% in 10 days.

As you can see above she now has 300 investors who provided £100k in return for 14.68% of her business. Over half of the investors are TMR runners and 80% are female. Refreshing!

Finding Customers
Mel has proven a master at building TMR with an inspiring and supportive community spirit that generates phenomenal word of mouth and positive recommendations. There are now over 6,500 members. Through working with Facebook on the She Means Business campaign Mel had access to data confirming there has been more than 10,000 posts and 52,000 comments on the TMR page. Mel herself has made over 10,000 comments. Try and beat that for customer engagement!

 Building Income
TMR offers 90 free runs a month but generates most of its income from paid courses for beginners to seasoned pros. To supplement this Mel has also launched a cool range of clothing which is extremely popular with members proud to show they are very proud to be in TMR. Mel admitted that the first attempt at a clothes range was a bit rushed so they took more time and care second time around.

Mel's Top Tips!
Find someone who does know how to do the things that are not your strong point.

Mel has a super confident altar ego that she uses to appear more confident than she feels. Mel was so nervous when pitching at E Nation's Festival of Female Entrepreneurs that to hide that her legs were shaking she kept moving them from side to side.

Mel only spends one hour a day on emails and encourages people to only contact her if it's important.

Mel recently took herself away for a few days isolation to mentally detox and gain much needed headspace to think clearly what to do next with the business. Helping mothers such as Kelly Pike below, who needed a boost to her confidence is the why that drives every step forward TMR takes.

Mel Recommends!
To build your confidence Mel suggests watching this Ted Talk on body language by Amy Cuddy. It gets you to notice the effect your body language has on others and how they view you.

Fake It Until You Make It!

This book by School of Life gives a boost to your drive and risk-taking ambitions.

 What a wonderful job Debbie Assinder did putting together this fantastic Start Up 2017 event for Enterprise Nation!

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Monday, 7 November 2016

ScaleUp 2016 Enterprise Nation

Matt Dredger and Ricky Kothari
It was a memorable day at Enterprise Nation's ScaleUp 2016, the perfect event to help you take your small business to the next level and dream bigger!
Emma Jones and Stephen Ibbotson

It was fitting that the first speaker at the event Jason Stockwood of Simply Business is a former philosophy student as the quotes below are often extremely thoughtful, inspiring and ethically minded rather than some lets get rich quick mentality. 

Lets start a bit sombre...

Scale Up 2016 in 20 Quotes

1) "Remember You Die".
Jason Stockwood discusses the 'death penalty' with EN founder Emma Jones
Jason wants you to ask yourself "Is what you are doing today really what you are about?". Jason stated that businesses should not define their values as values are actually how you live your life. "Don't leave your values at the door" he urged as there is no point defining values such as integrity if employees then see you acting differently.

2) "I will get you the returns you need, just leave me alone".

Jason said not to bother explaining emotional intelligence to investors, just talk about return on investment and figures as they won't understand or care about what you mean. Investors help you to be ambitious but don't drive your culture. "The language of numbers is different to the language of the heart."

3) "I wanted to build a business that I would want to work in".
Jason said you need to be best version of yourself. He does not believe in the work/life balance mantra as those two things are diametrically opposed instead you should love going to work and behave in the same way as you do outside work.

4) "Get the staff right and the customer service will flow."
Three top tips are:
1) Set the culture
2) Don't run out of cash
3) Hire great people

Simply Business has such a strong culture that even if he left there would still be 14 senior staff that share his values that would keep the culture in tact.

During his first two years with Simply Business Jason interviewed and hired every new employee. Get as much data as possible and as many opinions as possible he suggests. "Are you excited to work with this person?" If anyone on the team says no we won't employ that person.

5) "We had to move on 53% of employees we began with".
When he took over Simply Business it was £10m in debt with 70 employees. Many of these did not like the new more accountable style of management where he asked:

What are you working on?
What problems do you have?
What help do you need?

Simply Business now has 400 employees and an estimated valuation of £120m.

6) "Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that matters".
Jason is a big Winston Churchill fan and quoted his words to encourage every business to keep going.

7) "We had to scale up the business very quickly. There was no time for 'let's open one shop and see how it goes'.
Doddle's Chief Executive Tim Robinson.

8) "Don't just think big act big!"
You need big pockets to scale quickly and Tim wasted no time in raising £24m from Network Rail and TravelEx founder Lloyd Dorfman. They opened 26 shops in 20 weeks which was the fastest retail rollout

"The best looking man in the railway business!" 
So stated Emma Jones enthusiastically. Tim took it all in laconic style.

9) "You need to scale up as a person before you can scale up a business".
Michael Bruce
This was a quote Emma particularly connected with. Former Criminal lawyer and founder of Purplebricks will be your judge, jury and executioner if you don't have the drive and talent to think and act big. 

10) "If all you care about is money when you start a business you won't get it!"
Loving the death stare here.
Don't start a business just for money Michael warned. If you care about the things that create wealth then money will follow. Don't be shallow people.

11) "Get as close as possible to the people/customers who can help you fulfil your dreams".
Purplebricks spoke to thousands of people before they launched and discovered crucial tips about what they did and did not want. For example customers did not want a 100% digital service they still wanted support from a local agent.

12) "If you dream big enough you can give away equity".
"Don't be greedy trying to hold onto 80% of your equity"

It's possibly the most dreaded dilemma an entrepreneur can face. Should you give up equity and how much is the correct amount to give up. Michael said that he would rather have 20% of a big company than 50% of a tiny one. Purplebricks which launched in 2014 after 2 years of prep floated after 20 months at £240m. It is now worth £300m.

13) "All are customers are Gen D".
If you don't know who the Digital Generation are then you may not be cool enough to drink Sandows Cold Brew Coffee. Co-founder Hugh Duffie explained that it's important that they speak to their young customers in their own language. "We take risks and we use txtspeak to show that we are Gen D and not the older generation".

Credit @GreenfieldEmma

14) "Every morning do the one thing that is the most important and critical thing for the success of your business".
Nigel Botterill
Nigel Botterill of Entrepreneur's Circle ordered that you should not be scanning your emails or being distracted by anything trivial. For many businesses the most critical thing they should be doing is finding and keeping new customers. You must set aside time to do this key thing and Nigel even has a sign on his office door stating "Do not disturb unless the building is on fire". He even gave two employees a disciplinary to enforce this rule.

15) "If I had to do________ by __________ or else I would die. Would I get it done?"

This is tip for the procrastinators of you out there taking your time, avoiding deadlines and lacking urgency. Nigel said that if for example you had to get a Facebook ad campaign running in 24 hours or you died you would do it! Get your plans into action!
credit: press4attention
16) "Entrepreneurs waste millions of hours a day dicking around on social media instead of doing what they are supposed to be doing." 
Nigel said that this is what most of the UK is doing and that we are not exactly rammed full of millionaires. Got a great chuckle and knowing nods from the audience.

17) "If 80% of small businesses are only getting by or struggling why are you copying what they do?"
It's foolish to copy the market and your competitors strategies if most of them are not thriving as you too will then be destined to be only getting by and struggling. "Your dream fades to just getting by".

18) "I've interacted with my customers 10,000 times".
 Debbie Assinder, Emma Greenfield and Mel Bound
My favourite moment of ScaleUp 2016 was getting to chat with Mel Bound of This Mum Runs and Enterprise Nation's Female Start-up of the year 2016. You cannot fail to be impressed with Mel. When talking about being able to analyse her Facebook group page Mel was astonished to find out that she had commented 10,000 times on members post. There can be no finer example of engaging with your customers with enthusiasm and dedication. Amazing!

A big thank you to organiser Debbie Assinder for bringing together such a wonderful range of inspirational speakers.

19) "Investors don't want to be the first person in a empty restaurant"

If you are looking to crowdfund to raise investment for your business your marketing campaign must start long before your launch day on the website. Chris Rea sitting third left on the finance panel explained that you should already have some investment lined up so you attract attention on the homepage and start with a good momentum towards your target.
Mukesh Bulsara, Juliet Rogan, Chris Rea and Steve Walker

20) "Are you THEE Chris Rea? Are you going to sing Driving Home For Xmas to us now?"

Words and photos by Paul Clarke.

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Saturday, 15 October 2016

Fashion Exchange London Brands To Watch!

There was an incredibly eclectic range of fashion and accessories at Enterprise Nation's Fashion Exchange in London. Can you predict who are going to be the iconic brands of the future? There was brands from Turkey and Spain, cutting edge sportswear, personalised shoes, nostalgia brands, charity jewellery startups, 'world keys', poetry inspired lingerie and even kawaii customised iPhones.

Here's what you missed...

Stylish Performance Sportswear
Nakeid Sportswear founder Elena Gromova
Nakeid design sportswear that's highly comfortable, super stylish and performance enhancing. 
"We want to entice more women into sport".

Timeless Handbags & Jewellery
Nadia Minkoff

Nadia Minkoff is a boutique style brand established for almost 30 years now. They design their products to be timeless companions and avoid passing trends.

Nadia Minkoff is stocked by Wolf and Badger which is a terrific London boutique that supports emerging designers. Co-founder Constanza Di Gennaro was one of the speakers on the panel providing great tips on making sales on the high street.
Constanza Di Gennaro (2nd left) of Wolf and Badger

A Trio of Turkish Treasures
2.26 Jewellery, Chapputz, The Hopes

As you would expect in London there was a lovely international flavour from the people and the brands that attended. Leleka UK brought along 3 very individual and artfully curated brands. The Reflection by 2:26 jewellery collection above  and the Chapputz handwoven bags below are inspired by Anatolian nomads.

The Hopes world keys is a brass jewellery collection with cool multilingual messages etched on.

Innovative Tailored Menswear
 Artemis & Apollo
Founder Ben Barnaby took part in Enterprise Nation's Go Global Mission to China in 2015. His mission is to transform the image of menswear away from standard, boring and old fashioned designs.
Ben   Online Use  Large File

Bespoke Shirts Made in Madrid
Santamaria Shirtmakers

Santamaria is a London based online startup that import luxurious Italian fabrics to their workshop in Madrid to hand stitch. Interestingly they have a collaboration with Made In Chelsea star Andy Jordan which is something guest speakers Tom Cridland and Phoebe Gormley point blank refused to do when they considered PR strategies. Tom was advised to save up £2,000 to pay a Made In Chelsea star to wear his trousers on their Instagram account.
Santamaria caters for everyone!

Jewellery Inspired by Nepal

Triia was one of the newest brands at the Fashion Exchange at only a couple of weeks old! Founder Cathy was inspired by her travels to start a jewellery company with a heart of gold. 10% of profits go to the charity Maiti Nepal which has rescued thousands of girls from sex trafficking. Triia's bespoke jewellery is handmade in Bali.

Poetry Inspired Lingerie
Stephie Ann specialises in silk lingerie inspired by poets such as Lord Byron. Beautiful hand drawings and photography are digitally printed onto silk.

Retro Rock n Rollers!
Fan-Club Clothing
Do you like a bit of nostalgia? Love to rock a slogan tee? Then you need to checkout Fan-Club Clothing and roll back the decades.
On Tour in 74 flock printed slogan t-shirt

Kawaii Crazy Customisations
Suga Dust
Emma Jones was particularly taken with this brand even confiscating designer Destiny Rose's phone to admire on stage. Destiny can customise everything from bags to jewellery, clothes and shoes.

Artistic Accessories
Samantha Warren
It's no surprise that these glorious coloured accessories are stocked in such prestigious museums as The Royal Academy of Arts, the British Museum and Wolf and Badger as mentioned earlier.
Her prints are a very interesting mix of hand painting, photography and collage.

For The Global Fashionista
Kites and Bites
This label specialises in multicultural influences to design stylish conversation starters such as the Fly Higher tulle skirt for confident women.

Create The Shoes Of Your Dreams

OSinguliers like Santamaria shirts featured earlier let you use a 3D designer to create your own unique, personalised footwear. You can choose everything from the style to stitching to personal engraving.

High Technology Fashion
HotSquash specialise in cutting-edge fabrics that are so clever they can keep you warm or cool and secretly use technology to make you look your absolute best with no hassle.

The Mysteries!
I didn't quite catch the names of these last 3 labels but I liked them all a lot. You can see the passion that goes into making the naturally produced leather handbags.
I pictured Freddie Mercury rocking these military style jackets.
Such cool designs on these scarves.

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