Friday, 11 May 2012

Narzipan in Brighton!

Narzipan Loves Brighton!
Red Mutha puts the fun in fashion
This a picture of our stock displayed in Red Mutha's funky shop in Brighton. It's the shop where Little Mix purchased a silver sequin version of the bow tie jumper.We met Red Mutha at the Clothes Show and since then we have had a lot of enthusiasm from people in Brighton interested in Narzipan.

Looking real good on display
At Alternative Fashion Week we kept getting asked if we had a shop in Brighton as our clothes seemed to give off that vibe. We considered joining in Brighton Fashion Week on 2nd and 3rd June but in the end decided to concentrate on getting ready for the Clothes Show. We are going to go on a trip there anyway as we hear amazing things about the place and think we can learn so much there.

A store full of goodies. How cool are those denim shorts?!
Red Mutha's shop does a great job customising sweaters, jackets and even basesball caps. Check her out in the video below of last year's Brighton Fashion Week. Her collection starts at 59 seconds.

Below are some examples of her customising skills that help people dress individually and uniquely which is what we believe in at Narzipan too.

Such a terrific fun jacket
We face the love/hate dilemma on a daily basis too 
Cheeky monkey baseball jacket
Just add edgy leggings or great denim

Red Mutha is larger than life, very opinionated and her twitter account @redmutha is very entertaining! She especially hates the high street ripping off designers. Her shop is well worth checking out and we're really looking forward to seeing her at this year's clothes show. Celebrities love her clothes and you will too.

You can follow her at!/redmutha
Her website is

You can find out more about Brighton Fashion Week here :

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