Sunday, 26 August 2012

Camouflage Jackets

miley cyrus
It's the one jacket you need this autumn. Check Miley Cyrus out with her funky new hairstyle and rock chick look
Little Mix have done camouflage with style . The shorts, the leggings, the jacket. It beats those horrible navy camouflage trousers that peeps used to wear. They practically killed camouflage as trendy for years.
Dig the hood on this one.
Wherever Riri goes Chris goes. Looks good with the jeans.
Cute look for Fearne Cotton.
Nice leather version on Jaden Smith.
Rita says R.I.P to the jackets you used to know.
Rita Ora
Loving the tiger print dress underneath.

Grimes got it going on.

Nicola Roberts gets 10 points for wearing this in June.
Don't think Usher has quite got this trend right.
You're too pristine baby!
Street style is the way you do it.
Pretty snazzie one on asos

Vanessa and Angela Simmons have an unusual accessorising suggestion.

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  1. Love Camo, i'm yet to find one that's right for me.
    Cool post ^_^

  2. The jacket Rihanna is wearing is looking awesome, i am also a big fan of camo.