Thursday, 16 August 2012

Rita Ora

It's amazing to think that this seriously cool singer was once involved in trying to become our Eurovision Song Contest entry. Seriously lucky escape. Nil points for that idea.
Rita Ora is a vocally brilliant 21 year old singer/songwriter born in Kosovo and raised in West London.
She can really sing. Check this Jools Holland performance.

R.I.P deservedly topped the charts.

It was DJ Fresh's 'Hot Right Now' that gave us our first glimpse of instant star and hot artist Rita.
She makes shopping at asos hot right now.
Beanie Babe!
"Mental pictures no cameras please"
She keeps good company. Rihanna smacker mwah!

A smile is never far from Rita's luscious lips.

'How We Do' is influenced by Notorious B.I.G's Party tune.

She 'roc's the life'
She loves leather and has some of the best legs in the business.

That lipstick is one of her signatures.
Hip Hop Style

Jumpsuits are made for her figure. T4 performance.
She's not afraid to have fun and take risks.

She's got the competition licked.
She can wow you with swimwear.
Denim Style

She's sweet.

She seriously loves Gwen Stefani.
We like her dressy too. You stay classy Rita!

She looks good 360 degrees.

Military Style.

Here's a superb cover of Frank Ocean's 'Swim Good'


Rita's album 'Ora' is unmissable.

Rita's twitter link
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  1. I had no idea she attempted to be on eurovision :')
    I love her look so much xoxo

  2. Whilst i think she's absolutely stunning.
    I see a clear Rihanna route she's taking, sex sells right? :'}
    Wicked post (:

    1. It's very astute what you say about sex selling and Rihanna. You can see she is just finding her feet at the moment and hopefully she can develop her own individual style and stay classy! Xx