Friday, 1 February 2013

Narzipan Sweaters 2013!

Holla Little Ladybugs! 
Red Jumper Black leatherette circles
Black leatherette circles £25

Nicki Minaj has been super entertaining on American Idol so we've stolen one of her many nicknames for contestants. 
It's peeky time at some of our new sweaters 2013 stylee.

Blue Jumper, Diamond neck detail
Diamond neck detail £25

Our sweaters flew out at Clothes Show Live so we've updated our shop as many styles are no longer available. 
Make like Jake Bugg and be a 'lightening bolt' in this sweater.
Purple Jumper Gold Lightening Bolts
Lightening Bolts £25

Sequins is a trend that just keeps going.

Burgundy Jumper Sequin Bib detail
Sequin bib detail, lace trim £30

Burgundy and lace sweaters were especially popular.
How about a snazzy print?
Tribal pattern jumper
Tribal print £25
Black lace neck detail, Green centre stone
Black lace neck, gem stone £25

The black sweater with three chains on the shoulder was one of the first to go so we're keeping that vibe going.
Burgundy Jumper Leopard print cross black lace neck detail
Leopard cross, lace neck detail £30

Check the neck detailing on these beauts!
Purple Jumper
Purple sweater, neck beadwork £30

Burgundy Jumper Neck Embroidery
Burgundy with neck embroidery £30

Navy Jumper Gold Sequin Bow Pearl Detail
Head to our shop if you've spotted a sweater you need in your crazy life.

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  1. Amazing! I love the lightening bolt and beady necks ones
    Another successful collection guys :3 xx

    1. Hey thanks so much! Researching shops to stock us at the moment :) xx