Sunday, 3 March 2013

Shower Hair at Prada a/w 2013

We've all done it. Rushed out of the house, hair still soaking wet, clinging limply to our foreheads, dripping everywhere and on everyone. 
I don't remember looking this sexy though. Hmmmm.
Miuccia Prada's collection was described by The Times as one that "hummed with repressed sexuality and menace".

Magdalena's hair was one of the fastest to dry out.
Her look featured a sweater under her dress which works brilliantly. So do the shoes!
Daphne Groeneveld was extra sultry in her leather skirt.
 Lopsided skirt hems were a major theme in giving the looks an imperfect and incomplete vibe.
A posh word for what I just said is deshabille which means partly dressed!
Platform with attitude.
This was beautiful Chiharu Okunugu. That leather looks so soft.
This is so wearable yet chic. The zip, the hem and the shoes magnifique.
Nice to see our recent blog hero Fei Fei Sun is loved by Prada too.

Smoky eyes and matte pink lips.
Check that pout.

Cora Emmanuel's fur cuffs were another common theme.

This is a bit more like a bad day getting out of the shower in winter and not realising what you've put on in the dark.
Check dem shoes tho. Trucker boots.
Ondria you're still in your nightwear daaaaaarrling!

Miuccia nailed the shoes.

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