Thursday, 11 April 2013

Japan's Meadham Kirchoff

It's a riot of colour, quirky make-up and fun that would normally be associated with London Fashion Week. London town has no monopoly on being hip and edgy though. This is Tokyo!
Hiroko Koshino's collections have a real Meadham Kirchoff vibe to them. Clashing patterns, crazy hair and quirky shoes are all present.
A great youthful attitude and aesthetic from a 76 year old!
Wacky hair, footwear and fur collar in 2012.
This is how I've spent 2013 so far. 
2010's sleeping bag stylee.
Flowers were the inspiration for this year's show at Tokyo Fashion Week.
"I wanted to give the clothing the suggestion of flower buds swelling, draping and rounded at the shoulders".
Her lips remind me of the Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland. 
I call this the 'potato crisp' silhouette. It's a 'sensation'.
Love the tights.
Great prints.

Wonderful kimono touches in a delicious East meets West collection.

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